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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Band Booster arrange for car pools for competitions or away games?
The Band Director and Boosters have no say or responsibility in organizing car pools and can only provide location of the game/competition and approximate time of departure/return of the band and estimate of performance time.  Parent arrival/departure time is strictly up to the parents as is the desire to coordinate carpool.

How are medical emergencies handled when participating in band activities?
For medical emergencies that arise while on school grounds, there is a school nurse during school hours. For off-site trips there is someone who is 1st Aid/CPR/Epi pen trained, usually a school board employee. The Boosters do request that you notify the band directors if there is a medical issue that may affect your student's ability to perform.  Also, if anyone has any allergies, such as to peanuts or bees, it is extremely important for the band directors to be made aware of these.

Is the Spring Break Band Trip Optional?
Each year the Band has been able to take a trip, usually during spring break to such places as Disney World or on a cruise.  These trips are optional and vary in cost and details.  It is our hope that all of the students participate and the cost of the trip can be covered by various fund raising activities.  The details of the annual trip are usually known by September of the school year.

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