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"The" Uniform

Each band student has a clothing bag in the band room closet in which their uniform hangs.  Each band uniform is assigned to a particular student; it has a number on its tag so it is easy to keep track of whose uniform is who's.  The helmet box number and the bag number are the same. 

Here is a list of the band uniform parts and their care.  The coat, cape, helmet, and plume for the helmet always stay at school.  Special raincoats for inclement weather also stay at school.  Band booster volunteers in charge of uniforms make sure they are clean and in good repair.  At least one volunteer travels with the band to do on-the-spot or quick repairs as needed.


One pair of pants is provided for each student.  We wear two colors of pants.  White pants are worn at football games.   Grey pants are worn at Competitions.  The white pair is to be purchased by the student.  The cost is $40 and payment is made to the Cabell Midland Band Boosters.  

Band pants do get dirty! Parents have found that scrubbing stains immediately after an event works best.  Oxy-Clean, Max Force, or Totally Awesome are recommended stain removers.  All three can be purchased in dollar stores or where you buy your laundry supplies.  Liquid Cascade directly applied to grass or mud stains also works. You can then use a toothbrush to scrub the solution into the material.  Handwash, hang dry, then iron when dry, making sure creases in the front and the back of the pants are sharp.  DO NOT BLEACH!  This will turn the pants yellow. If your student significantly grows out of his/her pants mid-season, talk with the volunteers who take care of uniforms.


During band camp, feet are measured for a pair of white shoes from Kerr's Music World.  Parents buy this pair for a cost of approximately $37, and also find it useful to buy another pair to wear at competitions.  Some buy the second pair 1/2 size larger so when the band member's feet grow during the season, shoes are immediately available to them.  Magic erasers work extremely well to keep these shoes looking white and clean.  Please take out shoelaces and clean them as needed.

Please invest in a couple of pairs of long white socks (absolutely NO short socks are permitted.)


White gloves are also required as a part of the uniform.  Kerr's Music World sells Velcro gloves that are worn at competitions, or plain cloth ones. The gloves run $3-5 per pair. Buying an extra set of gloves and taking the extra pair to football games and competitions is recommended.


White shorts are needed under the white pants, and long white socks (NOT short) are also required.  Long underwear for colder weather can be any color under the top, but must be white under the uniform pants.


Each band member will receive two (2) official t-shirts to wear under their band jackets; one (1) competition design worn exclusively to competitions and one (1) red "CM" shirt worn at all other times unless otherwise instructed.  these required uniform pieces MUST be worn throughout the year so please treat them with TLC.  Washing them inside out protects the pattern on the shirts.



Accidents happen.  We know this, but please report any loss of buttons or snaps, broken zippers, or ripped seams to the uniform volunteers as soon as possible for repair.  Getting news of a damaged uniform just prior to the start of a game or competition does not leave adequate time or good will on the part of the volunteers for fixing the mishap.

Helpful tips from uniform parents:

Parents here is a helpful tip...
If your band members has a gym bag designate that bag specifically for band in that bag. There should be 2 or 3 pairs of crew length white socks. Compression shorts or spanx. White baggy shorts. Red cm tshirt and white shirt (tank top etc) Band shoes. 2 or 3 gloves.
There should always be two or three extras due to an emergency.
Shoes need to be cleaned before they show up.
Pants should be washed and pressed before they show up.
I am limited on what extras I have. I don't carry and cannot provide compression shorts or tshirts and I am limited to what extra band pants I have due to few older pants.
I don't care to iron if you don't have an iron or access to one.
Shoes I always have extras but I do not have the time to stop and polish shoes and I don't carry shoe polish.
I do hem all pants and will make repairs on all pants and uniforms.
Just remember parents there is a 140 plus band members and there are only 3 of us working the band with only 2 of us sewing. 

Cleaning tips from parents:

Don't use Bleach on the pants.   Bleach turns the pants yellow.

Liquid Cascade dishwasher soap; Felsnaptha soap gets out stains

I wash the pants with regular detergent, with cascade liquid dish detergent, and oxyclean. For black stains on pants I use same thing except before I put in wash I spray Awesome (dollar store cleaner) and let soak for a few hours before washing. Depending on how black sometimes I have to go over a few time with a brush but don't have to do that very often. Awesome works great on shoes as well.

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